Critique of 7 Elements in 4 Minutes


For this week’s digital story, I watched a colleague’s creation centered around 7 tips for digital storytelling. I’m still growing in my understanding of high quality digital storytelling, so it was helpful to watch a story that helps build my content knowledge. I appreciated that Paul kept it short, visually appealing, and easy to understand. It was very meta – he utilized the components that he was teaching us about directly in his story! This really helps to understand what the components look like when they come to life.

Execution Used images to creatively tell the story behind the words. Uses his or her natural speaking voice, as well as music (optional) and effects (optional) to support (without taking away from) the meaning of his or her story. Paul utilized a great variety of photos that aligned with his words. He also showed great techniques using images, like panning and zooming. His voice was his normal speaking voice and he used music when appropriate. He was able to showcase the elements of digital storytelling throughout his story.
Communication Tells a PERSONAL STORY about an object, person, event or place that profoundly impacted him or her or someone he or she knows. Digital story articulates a clear message and tells a compelling and engaging story the view connects to emotionally. This was not a personal story, but the focus on information was told in a personal way. Paul taught us about the elements by speaking to us as users – so he talked through how we might use the elements effectively in our stories.
Research Research clear, thorough, integrated (rather than listed)? Paul used research throughout. He launched with where the research was coming from, and then used it in story form for the rest of the video.

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