Review of “Getting Lost”

Throughout my personal journey, my entire purpose has been about becoming un-lost. I’ve been searching for answers related to my job and family and hoping that they lead me in the direction that provides clarity about my path. What I didn’t consider until listening to this story is WHY. What purpose does it serve to know what lies ahead? Do I have to know right now what my career path is in the next five years? Do I have to decide the plan for the number of kids we will have?

I was so inspired by the idea of getting lost on PURPOSE. Intentionally taking a path unknown and not necessarily finding “home” but finding “lost.” Kate takes us on a journey through her travels through Baltimore. She shares how she gets lost and the ways the landscape changes as she continues to cycle throughout her ride. The photos that she adds to her story are what make it real. We can picture what the rides is really like by seeing the scenery along the way.

One piece that feels missing is Kate’s WHY. She tells us that she likes to get lost, but I wonder what she gains from her travels.

Story flow Was it a quality story that made listeners lean forward and wonder what was going to happen next? Did it flow, without bird walks or bumps? If audience members had to work to understand it, was it worth their effort? The story was connected through the telling of Kate’s journey through Baltimore. I appreciated the quick descriptions of the place she saw, but felt they were a little underdeveloped.
Craftsmanship Was the story neat, clean and complete? Was it crafted with care? Missing in this story is the why. Why does Kate enjoy getting lost? It felt more like a description of a place, rather than providing insight into Kate and her personal story.
Communication Tells a PERSONAL STORY about an object, person, event or place that profoundly impacted him or her or someone he or she knows. Digital story articulates a clear message and tells a compelling and engaging story the view connects to emotionally. I connected emotionally to this piece, but I think that was primarily due to my theme for this course. Otherwise, I’m not sure it was emotional enough to engage most listeners.

2 thoughts on “Review of “Getting Lost”

  1. I love that this story seemed to conflict with your personal journey of being un-lost. I too am a seeker of the path ahead. The idea of being lost on purpose seems counter intuitive to my nature, yet at the same time could be good perspective. I appreciate your review, specifically your reflection about the emotional connection to the story. I would say that the author was successful in their communication seeing as it affected you, the viewer. Great work! Thank you for sharing 🙂


  2. I love the idea of being lost on purpose. I definitely feel that all too often we are satisfied with our own little universes and the familiar, so much so that we purposefully ignore the new and uncharted because it’s not as easy for us to navigate. To step outside of what you know is the first step towards a new perspective, with hopefully empathy and acceptance close behind.


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